6. Oktober 2020 um 8:45 – 15:30


The aim of this meeting is to bring together young doctoral researchers from different scientific fields and locations in NRW and to provide them with a framework for networking and discussion on future career paths in the bio-economy.

Due to the corona situation, this year’s Doctoral Students’ Day will take place as a completely virtual event. But once again, we have been able to attract outstanding speakers from industry, bio-economic management structures, scientific projects and institutions related to the bio-economy, who will give a keynote speech in the morning session. In line with the virtual format, we have adapted the agenda and incorporated small interactive formats. The afternoon is again reserved for the opportunity for personal exchange with the morning speakers. Speaker-specific breakout rooms will be set up for this purpose. In order to facilitate the organisation, we ask you to choose 2 speakers with whom you would like to discuss already at the registration. We will try to consider your wishes. A 3rd session offers you the opportunity to spontaneously choose a speaker.
Um Anmeldung wird gebeten.


Bioeconomy Science Center, BioökonomieREVIER, CLIB, Universität Bonn, CEPLAS